Fresh Start

Well it’s official, we have our own place. (still renting and not owning but “ours” none-the-less) We moved in right before Thanksgiving and it couldn’t be cooler. Papi has been so amazing. He was determined to have us all settled and comfortable before Christmas and he pulled it off. Panda finally got his own room and he loves it. I can’t believe how quickly he took ownership of his space and how a usually very messy kid has suddenly become clean and organized. Which brings me to another thought, how often was “the mess” really his doing? I’m thinking now that Grizz and Ice are probably more to blame than he was, considering that their room requires constant “clean up” interventions and Panda’s is almost never messy. Moving on, we splurged on a very comfy family sized sectional and we all got new beds as well. The family voted on doing a few themed rooms in the new place, to reflect us and what we enjoy as individuals and as a family.

We set up our living room in a Disney theme, with five framed puzzles (put together by the kid’s uncles and grandparents when they were little boys). These puzzles must be over 20 years old. There’s Beauty and the Beast (and Bell’s wearing a purple dress with a pink shirt, instead of her blue dress and white shirt, so cool), Aladdin, 101 Dalmatians, Pinocchio and The Little Mermaid. To pull it all together we added a vintage picture of Mikey, Minnie and Pluto riding a sled. Our floors are a dark wood laminate so we wanted to go with warm browns, black and various shades of blue and teal throughout the house. Unfortunately the puzzles were framed in red and light wood, so I taped them off and repainted them black, dark blue and baby blue. Our cozy new sofa is a warm chocolate color and easy to fall asleep on. I know from experience and after a long day it’s one of my favorite places to snuggle with all my little bears.

Our office is mostly done, all the desks and computers in place but we are still working on the wall art that we decided to draw and paint ourselves. We all love art and being artistic so it seemed fitting to want to display our own work on the walls. Currently we are working on an entire wall inspired by World of Warcraft, the game. We also have an idea for another wall that will display all vintage games like Pacman, Galaga, Megaman and other games like that. Lets not forget the Harry Potter over hang, which is currently showcasing the kid’s wands Papi bought them at Universal this past December and will shortly have other Harry Potter paraphernalia. We are far from finished but at least we are all moved in.

The projects I have pending, are just that…projects, and I think with every home there are always little (and BIG) things that don’t necessarily need to get done but that the soul wants to do in order to make our living space feel more like a piece of ourselves, a place we can be completely comfortable. I truly feel that until you’re at piece with how your home is set up, it sort of feels like chaos or a deadline looming in the future. That being said here is a quick punch list of my “pending home projects”:

  1. Kitchen (All the pots, pans, dishes, cups, utensils and appliances are put away and organized but it’s so plain and bland in there. I spend a good amount of time in the kitchen preparing meals and teaching the kids how to cook. I want to find a way to decorate the kitchen without making it look overdone or cluttered. Not so easy, Pinterest is going to have to kick it up a notch for me.)
  2. Terrace (Need a few pieces of furniture, would love a rocking chair or two and perhaps a DIY fire pit, we’ll see)
  3. Panda’s room (Want to get him a few more pieces of furniture, like a night stand and a bean bag. He’s a lot like me and wants me to help him make his own bean bag chair to look like Snorlax from Pokémon. We will probably also go thrift store hunting to find him that night stand. He is also working on an impressive wall of all the Pokémon in order and wants to paint his bed frame. More on that in another post)
  4. Grizz and Ice’s room. (half plants vs zombies and half big hero 6, more on that in another post)
  5. Kid’s bathroom
  6. Mama and Papi’s room (just bought our bed frame and after three trips to Ikea, we finally put the darn frame together. I still want to organize my writing desk and set up a little reading nook in the far right corner.)
  7. Craft Room
  8. Closets

Geez, I didn’t think I had that much left. I guess it does help to write things down…at least in this case it would. Anyway, that is the general update. Photo’s to follow, I’d do it now but I presently have a baby sleeping in my arms and typing this post was tricky enough on its own. TTYL!